Merger Announcement

Janaadhar India, a pioneer in the affordable housing space, has been offering high quality affordable homes, boasting efficient designs, and vibrant communities, to the aspiring Indian home buyer. A Part of the Jana Group of companies, Janaadhar’s unwavering and systematic focus on customer-centricity, transparency, professionalism, and true affordability is creating a unique brand in the Indian housing space. Our vision has been reinforced by several prestigious awards including "HUDCO Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment 2017-18”, and the 1st Indian affordable housing project to be awarded the IGBC, Gold Ratings for Green Affordable Housing.

Janaadhar relentlessly focuses on innovation, value engineering, sustainability, etc, in the affordable housing sector, with a specific focus on reducing the life cycle cost and creating lifelong affordability for its customers. In the current scenario, it is evident that conventional construction methods will not be able to deliver quickly on the requirements of mass housing. Traditionally, housing sector has not benefited from large-scale industrial manufacturing. However, now with the benefit of multiple technologies available, time is ripe to utilize factory-based construction technology to deliver mass housing in a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient manner. To further advance this goal, the company is delighted to announce its partnership with Ingenious Quality Buildings Pvt Ltd. (IQB), a leading innovative construction solution provider, with a specific focus on precast construction technology. It is IQB’s mission to bring in customized capital light precast solutions into the construction sector, building high quality structures on time and within budget. This newly forged Janaadhar, will provide high quality, low maintenance, affordable home owning experience to the Indian home buyers, across the country.