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Ms. Kangan Upadhye
Designation: IT Manager
Company:Janalakshmi Financial Services
I have pleasure in adding my testimonial on Janaadhar Shubha Phase 2 project. I was on a lookout for investing in residential property within my affordability and Shubha exactly fit my requirements.
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Mr Prabhu Shankaralingam
Designation: Regional Manager
"Excellent client service and it has been a best experience to buy an apartment in Bangalore built by Janaadhar India Pvt Ltd. Flexible payment options with great quality construction."
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Mr Lakshmikanthan.V
Designation: Accounts Manager
Company:Kailash Vahar Udyog Ltd
"Based on my experience as a Janaadhar Shubha customer I can say that I have made an excellent investment decision. The display of excellence is not limited to the punctilious construction procedure and meticulous workmanship, but also extend to the smart, efficient and friendly customer relationship management."
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Designation: Senior Content Editor
We were on the lookout for a property which will offer us a lot of breathing space and relaxation. We just wanted a home in peaceful environment and away from pollution, Janaadhar Shubha gives us the upscale infrastructure in a dream like setting.
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Mr. Vishal K S
Designation: Janadhar Shubha Phase II
Company:Tower 19, B- 405
I would like to take some time to appreciate your effort in handling the customer very efficiently and ensuring all the works are done on time.

From the Marketing team from till I got the keys from CRM today everything was well organized. Your rapport with customer is awesome.

CRM Team - I appreciate your efforts in coordinating with all the backend works and ensuring the registration is done on time with clear documents. Also on your hospitality whenever I visited your office.

Your Customer executive is super fast is Sub-Registrar office, within 90 minutes registration was done and Sale Deed was in my hand. He ensured there is no delay for the customer. At the same time I would like to thank to Legal Team as well in expediting the process.

Overall you guys ensured customer is delighted!!!!
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Mr Rajesh Kumar
Designation: Janaadhar Shubha Phase II
Company:Tower B, A707
I really want to take this time out and appreciate the team work you guys have shown. On a personal note I struggled due to various reasons for a year to procure a flat however if it was not you guys, I would have never made it. You all never made me feel an outsider but treated me as a friend and made my little dream come true. The more I thank the less it will be. All said and done.. You guys rock... Amazing people I dealt with.. Many people like me would need this from you and I can positively say you all are capable of making the dream come true...