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In keeping with Janaadhar's ethos as a social enterprise, we aim to provide all employees a platform to explore, innovate and excel by keeping our consumer – working class householder – at the heart of all our processes.

We, at Janaadhar, realise that a fulfilling career is built in an environment that focuses on aligning individual and team performance with organizational goals.

Our human resource processes and policies are designed to attract and retain the best talent. Janaadhar is built on our teams' hard work, knowledge, commitment and synergistic approach. Janaadhar provides an incredible platform for employees to perform, grow and besadasdasdfsa rewarded. Work-life balance is highly valued at Janaadhar and we are an equal opportunity employer.

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Sr. Exe or Asst Manager – Business Analyst
  • Division/Department : Business Development
  • Job Title : Sr. Exe or Asst Manager – Business Analyst
  • Reports to : General Manager - Business Development
Janaadhar India, a real estate developer which is a pioneer in the affordable housing space, has been offering high quality affordable homes to the aspiring Indian home buyer. A Part of the Jana Group of companies, Janaadhar’s unwavering and systematic focus on customer-centricity, transparency, professionalism, and true affordability is creating a unique brand in the Indian housing space. Our vision has been reinforced by several prestigious awards including HUDCO Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment 2017-18”, and the 1st Indian affordable housing project to be awarded the IBGC, Gold Ratings for Green Affordable Housing. Janaadhar relentlessly focuses on innovation, value engineering, sustainability, etc, in the affordable housing sector, with a specific focus on reducing the life cycle cost and creating lifelong affordability for its customers. Janaadhar’s operations span across Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Business Development (BD) function at Janaadhar is a one of the most important functions at this organization. This function is multi-tasking to help the real estate development business grow by taking on all activities relating to acquiring new projects, improving processes that are key to the existing projects, and leading as well as supporting smooth functioning for all the projects.
1. Finance -
  • a. Collection, summarising and analysing current and past financial data.
  • b. Looking at current financial performance and identifying trends
  • c. Suggesting budgets and improvements based on the above information.
  • d. Developing financial models and providing financial forecasts
  • e. Developing initiatives and policies that may improve financial growth.
2. Policy –
  • a. To understand various affordable housing related policies of the State and Central Governments - Pros and Cons between state policies
  • b. To draft letters to Government authorities on policy related issues
  • c. To understand the tax related incentives offered by the Central Government for affordable housing homebuyers and developers - Their impact on affordability
  • d. To help financial analyst prepare financial models based on relevant policies - Understanding various expenses and incentives in the policy
3. Research - Real Estate Market related
  • a. To do preliminary desk based research on supply for various land parcels
  • b. Feet on street - for in-depth understanding of competitor projects, in coordination with sales team
  • c. Demand research and analysis - Conduct demand surveys around project site as per requirement. Coordination with other real estate research companies, if outsourced.
4. Research - Technical
  • a. To ensure comparative analysis of the features in various softwares and analytic tools offered in the industry as per company requirement
  • b. To be able to work on free versions of various softwares for hands-on experience of the features offered and suggest the best
  • a. Working with external advisors on preparation of pitch decks, due diligence documents and assisting with other aspects of fundraising exercises.
6.To maintain MIS reports as mentioned below and share with the concern stakeholders as per the schedule,
  • a. Management report
  • b. PDP
  • c. Sales report - For new project
  • d. Sales ratings from site visit feedbacks - For new project
  • e. CLSS tracker - For new project
7.Sales related analysis - As per requirement from the data collected
  • 8. Salesforce - lead management and dashboards - For new project
  • 9. Google forms - For data capturing and surveys
  • 10. To coordinate between internal and external stakeholders for exchange of information as needed.
  • 1. Graduation in Commerce/Engineering/Statistics with MBA in Finance
  • 2. Basic accounting knowledge and understanding on financial reports like Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss accounts etc.
  • 3. Proficiency in excel, word, PowerPoint and google tools.
  • 4. Presentation skills
  • 5. Analytical skills
  • 6. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • 7. Attention to detail
  • 8. Work requires willingness to work a flexible schedule and occasional overnight travel
  • 9. Quick learning attitude and self-drive to take on new challenges is critical
  • 10. Experience in MIS, analysis & research
  • 11. Real Estate / Construction industry experience is desired.
Working conditions are normal for an office environment.